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Founder / Co-Owner

Round Rock is my home, y’all.  My story didn’t start here though.  Born an 80’s baby in Tennessee, my loving parents made the move to Plano, Texas when I was two years old.  My brother and I grew up in the same house from toddlers to graduation caps, filled with lemonade stands as children to CD walkmans and 90’s grunge as teens.  Fast forward to 2005… I marry my dream husband, start a family and blink…Duarte party of six!  


Mason is my sweet, inherited son who works for Dad in the mortgage business.  Parker is our studious, football player with a heart of gold.  Celia, the only girl of the bunch, loves art and is our kind, free-spirited social butterfly.  Boone, the baby of this clan, is strong willed, funny and keeps all of us on our toes.  Freddy, my rock, is my motivator and the person that encouraged this idea of mine to speak itself into reality.  My family, they are my world and define so much of what brings me joy… our HOME. 


This idea was born with one main goal in mind to serve our community, by providing an edited collection of unique home finds, gifts to express any sentiment and the best baby items on the market.  We open our doors to you, our neighbors and friends, and hope you see the treasure that 400 Main Street is to us, in this town we love, Round Rock, Texas!

400 East Main Street, Round Rock, Texas 78664 • 512-243-5847 •

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